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Oracle B2C Service and OFS Release Resources
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To help you prepare for a successful transition for our latest release, we are pleased to provide you a centralized view of what is included in the latest release and recent releases. 

Oracle B2C Service and Oracle Field Service 21D Release is Now Live!


Oracle Service 21D Product Release Feature Highlights

The November 21D Release for B2C Service and Oracle Field Service delivers numerous new features and enhancements, including several exciting customer requested features.  

  • Oracle B2C Service
    • Several additional enhancements for B2C Service Center include updates to Inlays, including the File Download Inlay, adding Avatars for chat participates, updates to Out of Office Hours, and more options for Off the Record actions are now available when messages have text that match Off the Record patterns such as credit cards and social security numbers.
    • Redwood Theme Icon Update is also delivered in 21D - the workspace and report toolbar icons have been updated in the Redwood theme.
  • Oracle B2B and B2C Service (Shared Service)
    • Engagement Engine Supports Intelligent Advisor Decision Service. With this feature admins can Configure Intelligent Advisor Decision Service interviews as a new action through Engagement Engine Editor. Zero code solution – Interviews can be added to your websites with no additional JavaScript code.
    • 21D offers the ability to invite another agent or a supervisor into a video engagement. This feature deliverers the ability for an agent to invite another agent or a supervisor, with availability and video entitlement, into a video call with consumer, 3-way conferencing.
  • Oracle Field Service offers several new enhancements, including.
    • Control Message Delivery to Helpdesk or Helpdesk Operator in Message Scenario. Starting with 21D, administrators can control the delivery of messages to a helpdesk group or to helpdesk operators, using a new setting in the Message Scenario configuration.
    • Workflow Manager updates, users can visualize the activity workflow while performing activities. The application guides users through work and can see the steps that are completed and the steps that are remaining to complete an activity.
    • Assignment Assistant updates include Move Reason from a pre-configured list, users can now view, add, or edit Move Reasons in the new 'Assignment Assistant' section within the Business Rules page. Suggest Optimal Resources, starting with 21D, when using the Assignment Assistant, the application suggests optimal resources to assist you in picking one resource instead of scanning through a potentially large list of resources. 
    • Collaboration Enhancements Improve collaboration among field and back-office resources which include, Ability to track who is attending to the specific messages so only relevant helpdesk user receives the message after it is accepted, Ability to save messages ‘as drafts’, Ability to support document sharing and Landscape mode for mobile devices
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Recent Releases

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Oracle B2C Service 21C

Oracle CX Service 21C Product Release Feature Highlights

The 21C August 2021 Release for B2C Service continues to drive customer success with several new features and enhancements delivered.

Oracle B2C Service

Oracle Messaging adds two new valuable features including, Off-hours Processing over Messaging Applications which enables organizations to hold inbound messages sent during contact center off-hours for processing during regular operating hours. Asynchronous Messaging Enhancement permits service conversation to continue outside the standard Facebook messaging window (24hrs) for up to 7 days. Automated ID Verification for video calls has also been launch in 21C with a seamless integration with Jumio.

Several additional enhancements for B2C Service Center include the ability for chat agents to receive new chat alerts outside of the Browser service application. A Single-click to view unread messages within the chat window, and some enhancements to the Engagement Panel, adding the ability to create custom media toolbar and custom toast Notifications. Administration Experience has been released for Browser UI Administration enabling Admins to Quickly access configuration areas. Another notable feature released in 21C is Support for Native Browser Spell Checker in CKEditor, for Knowledge Advanced, this has been a highly requested customer feature. 

Oracle Field Service

The 21C August 2021 Release for Oracle Field Service continues to drive customer success with numerous new features and enhancements delivered.
The 21C release brings several Calendar improvements which allow users to set default schedule for resources, as well as an update to the look and feel of the date and time editor by adopting the Redwood experience. 
Starting in 21C, we’ve introduced the ability to use a plug-in or a custom form within a custom map layer asset, as well as upload a map layer using a shapefile from a local file system. This powerful flexibility has many uses, including allowing a technician to create service request orders on the spot that automatically utilize the correct geolocation for accurate asset location.
Collaboration received several enhancements making it easier for mobile resources, back office and help desk teams to easily manage various chat messages and notifications. 

Finally, travel time estimations become even more accurate with the new ability to measure and calculate airline distance speed and parking time at the travel key level.
Oracle B2C Service 21C Resources:

Oracle B2C Service 21B

Oracle CX Service 21B Product Release Feature Highlights

The May 21B Release for B2C Service and Oracle Field Service continues to drive customer success with several new significant features and enhancements delivered. 

Oracle B2C Service 

The Agent Experience adds several new enhancements to the Browser User Interface Workspace.  This offering provides a more modern, intuitive, and efficient experience.  These enhancements include:

New Redwood themes for the workspace. Users will have the ability to toggle between Redwood and existing themes this will provide a more cohesive experience across Oracle applications. 

The Insights Panel - This is an exciting feature that offers agents suggested actions in real-time, improving agent efficiency when executing suggestions. Workspace rules can be configured to show cards that trigger named events. 

Also delivered in 21B for the Service Center is Asynchronous Chat.  Agents can now send responses at any time, re-starting the conversation from within the incident workspace. This feature does require Oracle Messaging to be deployed.

Digital Customer Service brings some exciting new features including greater flexibility to capture data for in-context Customer Service with Free-form Text Support for Routing Guidance. Also, Oracle is introducing a digital collaboration of Live Experience & Co-browse, with a single Sign-on of agents into LX and Co-browse simultaneously, agents can initiate an automatic Co-browse session launch upon consumer consent without the need for any passcode exchange.  This feature optimizes agent experience for video and screen share into one desktop, thereby avoiding swivel-chair between multiple applications. Additionally, - Co-browse Reverse Screen Share is delivered, enabling agents to share their desktop with customers. 

Oracle Digital Assistant is integrated with Intelligent Advisor with an out of the box connector, this integration will make it even simpler for customers to utilize these two products together for exceptional customer service. 

A few new enhancements delivered for Knowledge Advanced include Answer Preview in Customer Portal from the authoring tool, and Enhanced Configurability of Knowledge Portal, with this admins can now set the subscription frequency in ‘Manage Notification’ page. Customers can also now configure ‘Related Answers’ widget to display only manual links or learned links or both.

Oracle Field Service 

The 21B release brings several key features to Oracle Field Service, including ‘En Route’ status for Oracle Field Service, this allows resources to set a new ‘En Route’ status for jobs, the system will then automatically update the ETA, and the customer will be notified.

The Assignment Assistant is getting some updates to help users when manually scheduling work. OFS will now intelligently display the order of mobile resources based on, Route impact, The distance to jobs, Mobile Resource, Work Zones match and the accuracy of travel statistics data.

Starting with 21B Android and iOS mobile devices will now Display Available Storage and Notify if storage is low

Redwood Experience for OFS ‘Login in’ Screen is introduced, in addition to the login screen, the configuration screen has been updated to the Redwood User Experience. The Redwood Theme is also available for additional Android and iOS App screens including, Splash screen, Oracle Field Service ‘Instance’ screen, ‘About’ screen and ‘End User License’ screen.

Please be sure to check out the release readiness pages on Oracle.com for the complete details of all the exciting features delivered in 21B for both B2C Service and Oracle Field Service.

Oracle B2C Service and Field Service 21B Resources:

Oracle B2C Service 21A

Oracle CX Service 21A Product Release Feature Highlights

The February 21A Release for B2C Service and Oracle Field Service delivers numerous new features and enhancements, including several exciting features requested by our customers. 

Oracle B2C Service

The Browser User Interface adds several new enhancements to the Workspace, offering a more modern, intuitive and efficient experience, these enhancements include:

Desktop Automation, which adds the ability to configure a record to be forwarded as part of a workspace rule. As well as the ability to configure rules to trigger answer content.

The Enhanced Workspace Experience includes new field container, which delivers the new ‘inside’ label position in workspace layouts, this supports all field types including, text, date/time, menu, and integer. 21A also adds a Zoom Control, which allows the user to increase or decrease the thread view using the new Zoom Control on the thread toolbar ellipsis.

Also delivered in 21A for the Service Center is a new Unified Administration Experience Landing Page, this persist the admin landing page allows for convenient access to all the admin capabilities that are available in the Browser UI. 

The View Image Attachments feature allows users to view an image without having to downloading them. This is available for both image and PDF files.

Other Service Center features include the Employee Collaboration Inlay within the browser UI which allows employees to collaborate with other co-workers. Also, agents now have the ability to View Earlier Historical Conversations within chat. With Transcript History agents can immediately see previous chat sessions within a live conversation.

Within Digital Customer Service 21A extends the routing guidance configuration feature to SMS. This has been a recurring feature request from many of our customers and now it’s available. Just Like routing guidance setup on other messaging channels.

Additionally, 21A adds several new inlays including.

  • The Inlay File Transfer, enabling chat agents to upload files during a chat session which the end user can download in real time.
  • The Multiple Inlay which is optimized to allow multiple inlays in one expandible “drawer mode” on a single site

New features added to Knowledge Advanced include Suppress Email Subscription Notifications, eliminating unnecessary subscription emails for minor article updates and Contextual Search Suggestions which offers pre-filter suggestions based on the product context of the page and helping to reduce customer effort by leveraging page context to improve findability. 

In 21A we are excited to introduce the Redwood Theme in Intelligent Advisor. With the Redwood Theme Intelligent Advisor users get a consistent experience for interviews embedded within the latest Fusion agent UI and knowledge articles, or other Redwood-themed interfaces. Additionally, Intelligent Advisor adds a new adapter which saves attachments from interviews to any application via Oracle Integration Intelligent Advisor Adapter this supports all attachment types, including uploaded files, generated forms and signature images. 
Oracle Field Service 

The 21A release brings several key features to Oracle Field Service, including extending its Redwood Theme Support to the Redwood Experience. ‘Redwood’ has now become the main theme starting with 21A, and users have been migrated to this experience.

Additionally, there are several enhancements to the Assignment Assistant, which include Enhanced Flow of Direct Manual Assignment and Visit Support which unified the behavior of manual assigning work with both ‘drag and drop’ and the ‘Move’ link and observes resource restrictions when moving activities with ‘drag and drop’ this functionality which should Improve manual assignment process and Reduce number of mistakes.

And finally, for Field Service 21A adds some improvements to the Activity Booking functionality, including booking using quota by Intervals, Direct Assignment, and Recommendations, we are Introducing a new API to build external Activity Booking flows.

Please be sure to check out the release readiness pages on Oracle.com for the complete details of all the exciting features delivered in 21A for both B2C Service and Oracle Field Service. 

Oracle B2C Service and Field Service 21A Resources:




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