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How to Access Configuration Assistant
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How can I access Configuration Assistant?


Oracle Cloud Portal / My Services / Configuration Assistant


To access the Configuration Assistant self-service tool, you will need the following information from your Welcome Email:
Data center
Identity Domain
User name/login
Temporary Password

The Configuration Assistant tool is in the Oracle Cloud Portal. Use the steps below to access the My Services pages and Configuration Assistant

1. Go to: https://cloud.oracle.com/sign-in

2. Select the data center from the drop-down list.  (If prompted for 'Account' here, simply click on the "Sign In using Traditional Cloud Account" option under the blue 'Next' bar. Then select the data center from the drop down list.)

3. Click "Next".

4. Enter the Identity Domain. 

5. Log in with the Oracle Cloud Portal user name and password*.

5a. *If this the first time you have logged in, set up your challenge/security questions when prompted and retain them for future use.  

6. Click on the RNOW text (or your site name) in the Active Applications.

7. Click on the "Configuration Assistant" button on top right of the page. 

8. Log in using the same user name, password and identity domain.


My Services page/Oracle Cloud 

To access the My Services page/Oracle Cloud: https://myservices.<data_center>.oraclecloud.com/mycloud/cloudportal/dashboard .

The My Services/Oracle Cloud page offers the following options:

Options in the "person" icon in the top, right > My Profile
- Edit your account 
- Edit your Challenge/security questions
- Reset your password

Option in "Users" tab: select the icon in the top, left > Users
- Add/Remove the accounts for others
- Manage the Roles assigned to your account
- Edit your account

Please submit a service request to Technical Support if there are any issues with accessing Configuration Assistant.

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