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File Sync for Oracle B2C Service Update
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How can I minimize the change freeze duration when updating Oracle B2C Service (OSvC)?


Auto Update Program enrolled sites

Oracle B2C Service


File Sync is enabled for all sites participating in the Auto Update Program (AUP) to reduce the change freeze duration for Customer Portal and custom files.  File Sync allows file changes to be made on the production site until 8 hours before cutover. Eight hours before cutover all custom files are synced from the production site to the upgrade site to ensure production changes are not lost when cutover occurs.

To check whether File Sync is enabled for your site log into the Configuration Assistant, select “Manage My Update” in the hamburger menu for your production site and check under the Update Preferences section.



  • File Sync does not address changes made to message bases or configuration settings.
  • If you would like File Sync disabled, please submit a service request: Pergunte ao Suporte Técnico.
  • Changes made to custom files on the upgrade site are not recoverable after File Sync is executed.
  • Deleting files from the production site will not delete them automatically from the upgrade site.  Deletions in production, while an upgrade site exists, are not recommended.  Doing so can result in update failure or restoration of the files at cutover.  

Folders synced are as follows:

* PHP Scripts: scripts/custom/src
* Customer Portal: CP3 development/staging folders (they are also compiled)
* Knowledge Foundation images: e.g. euf/assets, rnt/rnw/img
* Add-ins

Please refer to the following answer if completing a legacy update: Answer 1925: Changes carried forward at update cutover

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